What Makes Them Effective and Look Good at the Same Time
  • With waterproof shoes for women, not only are there more fashionable
    options,Work Boots, but highly
    effective work wear is also in style; with manufacturers making the most water
    tight, well designed, and safety-minded work boots on the market today. One key
    aspect is in the once proprietary Gore-Tex-style breathable membrane which fits
    between the leather and lining of the shoe and also between the outsole and

    Since the expiration of their patent, Gore-Tex waterproofing
    technology has once again improved the consumer's market. The revolutionary
    characteristics of Gore-Tex, which permit a fabric to repel water while
    simultaneously allowing the skin to breathe, are now available to many
    manufacturers instead of a limited few, making its unprecedented protection
    highly economical, as well.

    At nine billion pores per square inch, with
    each pore being 1/20,000 the size of a water droplet, water cannot get in
    through the membrane, but water vapor,Steel Toe Boots, like perspiration,
    can easily escape; providing comfort for work boots in a challenging,
    water-logged, environment. With a special Gore-Tex tape, the seams of the
    membrane "bootie" are secured and ensure the water-tight properties of the

    With this specialized waterproof technology, the exterior of the
    leather boot can incorporate a more fashionable appearance while maintaining
    highly sophisticated safety features; such as a safety toe* and slip-resistant
    soles built for industrial use; as well as meeting electrical hazard

    Vulcan carries a wide variety of waterproof safety boots
    designed specifically for women through manufacturers such as Avenger, Iron Age,
    Reebok, Rockport, and Wolverine; as well as other companies, which offer smaller
    sizes in men's boots in order to increase your choices in waterproof footwear.
    If you are looking for the most effective, affordable, and attractive womens
    safety boots, on the market today, check out our selection of waterproof shoes
    for women.

    * All womens safety shoe styles have a safety-toe made of
    protective materials such as steel, aluminum alloy, composite materials, or the
    new carbon fiber materials.
    Below are some of our favorite waterproof shoes
    for women. Check them out or browse all our waterproof shoes for women..


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